Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Church Folk Make Me Sick!

 Lately I have been getting so fed up with "church folk". For those of you that don't know the definition of "Church Folk", they are the folk that:

  • Come to church with their own agenda and not God's(IE. To find a man/woman, to be seen, to gain favor of a man/woman, to have control/authority, to be entertained or entertainment, etc..)
  • Point out everybody's else shortcomings, but don't think there is nothing wrong with them
  • Dress and act the part, but don't live the part
  • Shouting, crying, and falling out 1 minute, and the next acting ugly towards someome
  • Talk the talk, but don't walk the walk
  • Think it is a competition, but forget that we are all on the same team
  • Think they are saved because they are the Preacher/Pastor's kids
  • Love to cause problems in churches, but never make a solution
In summary of "Church Folk", they are simply just like Jesus says in the bible HYPOCRITES! I have been witnessing a few lately and wonder when will they wake up and really endeavor to be a TRUE Child of God. I don't see why a person would want to imitate love for God and serving God, when you can just be real with it. It makes no sense. There has been 2 particular persons recently that are in the "church folk" category and they have been racking my last nerves! I tell ya if it wasn't for the love of Christ in my heart and me continuously praying, I would have been gave both of them a piece of my mind a long time ago. I don't have any respect for either one of them and that's sad. I love them dearly, but their ways I cannot stand! One of the individuals is so devilish, and so desperate for a husband that she keeps trying to flirt with mines. It don't phase me in a insecure way, because I know my husband loves God too much to mess up in that type of way. Although if you say you're a "christian", you should not be being jealous of me, lusting after my husband, coveting my child, and envying my life. My blessed life, not to sound prideful, comes from living in obedience and sincere worship to God. I'm not perfect, but everyday I strive to live in a way that pleases God. My prayer is always "Let the words of my mouth, meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight; O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer". It is discouraging to see from someone older than you, that you should be able to look up to and gain wisdom and Godly counsel from, acting evil and foolish. Like my mama would say "It's uncalled for". With people like this I do like the bible says to do in Acts 2:40b "Save yourself from this untoward generation". Anybody else feel like I do?


  1. hey, i would like your opinion. if u wouldnt mind take a moment to respond to this survey. thanks...

  2. Amen Woman of God!! I know exactly what you mean!! It does not make any sense!! Thank God for the Holy Spirit because otherwise, I would tell a lot of them off:)!
    God bless you!!